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You, On Stage

You, On Stage

Good marketing can be music to the ears of the real estate consumer. This year, your eEdge marketing has become a rock anthem: powerful lyrics and melody, a stadium of admirers, and you on stage.

Your marketing is now more effective and easier to send with these top new releases of 2015.
Make it sing

Making your Marketing Sing

Your marketing is now more effective with a library of new HTML optimized email designs for your marketing and listing-enabled emails. Your marketing will sing now that:

  • Consumers don’t need to have images enabled to see the content of the email.

  • You’ll experience increased deliverability for all emails to consumers’ inboxes.

  • Designs will look great in most smartphones and devices, adjusting based on device size/type.

Each message you send your contacts can feel like it’s just for them. Easily and efficiently personalize your messages using new fields that allow you to merge contact details directly into your emails.

Amp it up

Amp it up

Easily navigate between your print marketing pieces, emails, and campaigns with your new Marketing Center update. The fresh new look of your Marketing Center makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Once you choose your perfect design, editing is a breeze with your new editor for print and image-based emails. The updated look and feel makes it easier to access your formatting tools and navigate the image library. Plus, you can now upload multiple images at once.

Your HTML email editor turns the volume up to 11. You can now send yourself a test email to review your final piece before you send it to your contacts; preview your email in different formats to see how your email will look on a desktop or mobile view; hyperlink text, images, or both. Plus, there’s no limit to the amount of text you can include in a text box. The email expands downward to allow whatever length you need.

Plus, we've changed the send time for all your scheduled email campaigns to 6:00AM to help your emails get opened and read.

Your Top 2015 Releases
1 HTML Optimized Email
2 Email Personalization
3 Marketing Center Update
4 New Standard Editor
5 New HTML Email Editor
6 Mailing List
7 Birthday & Anniversary Campaigns
8 Facebook Website Sign-in
9 Updated Contact Alert Emails
10 Create Contact in Mobile CRM
11 Communities Served Criteria
12 Engage Contacts by Status
13 Zillow Tech Connect
14 Initial Contact Wizard Standardization
15 Single Inbox
16 New Alert Options
17 Alert Customization Options
18 Reminders in Daily Alerts Email
19 Improved Contact Export
20 No Group Contact Search
21 New Campaign Send Time
22 Website Analytics
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The hits just keep on coming – stay tuned for more updates to your system.

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