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Your spotlight

A great CRM can make your business sing. Engagement is the key to closing business and InTouch keeps delivering the notes so you can compose the right message to keep your contacts coming back for more.

Don’t miss out on the new opportunities to better engage with your clients.

Use your system to automatically keep in touch with contacts on their special days. You can now create birthday and new home anniversary campaigns to send an email or postcard to your contacts to acknowledge and celebrate these important dates.

More effectively connect with your new leads with your improved Initial Contact Wizard. We have simplified all ICW communications into one, editable, response-generating template to help you make the right first impression.

All your emails now arrive in one inbox, making finding and responding to your clients’ correspondence so much easier. Plus, with the new CAPTCHA field on your website’s “contact me” form we’ve reduced the computer-generated SPAM to your account.

We’ve updated your system alerts to keep you in the know on your system and clients. You can now receive an alert when you receive a new recommendation to your website or if you receive an email from a non-contact. Your alerts are also more customizable. Choose to receive your alerts via email, text, or both. Plus, you’ll never miss a client follow-up now that reminders have been added to your daily alerts email.

You have more information in your contact exports, including: nickname/salutation, contact type and subtype, secondary contact details, birthday, anniversary, referral info, company, buyer request data, comments, mailing address, and address titles. All the information you need at your fingertips.

Clean up your database or find contacts to re-engage with your new “No Group” contact search option. This advanced search option helps you quickly find any contacts who you have not yet included in a group so you can reach out.

You can now choose to add contact email addresses to an email, campaign, or to a Marketing Center project by status type. Want to send an email to all your hot contacts or reengage your cold ones? Simply choose that filter when you’re selecting your targeting.

We have updated website analytics with a solution that is more intuitive and easy-to-use, for those who have this tool enabled. Your data is now more accurate with all “bot” visits filtered out of the data. You will only see visits from actual consumers. This feature is available in InTouch Pro only.

Your Top 2015 Releases
1 HTML Optimized Email
2 Email Personalization
3 Marketing Center Update
4 New Standard Editor
5 New HTML Email Editor
6 Mailing List
7 Birthday & Anniversary Campaigns
8 Facebook Website Sign-in
9 Create Contact in Mobile CRM
10 Communities Served Criteria
11 Engage Contacts by Status
12 Zillow Tech Connect
13 Initial Contact Wizard Standardization
14 Single Inbox
15 New Alert Options
16 Alert Customization Options
17 Reminders in Daily Alerts Email
18 Improved Contact Export
19 No Group Contact Search
20 New Campaign Send Time
21 Website Analytics
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The hits just keep on coming – stay tuned for more updates to your system throughout 2015.

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